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EM0020 Complete Wide Mouth Wall Skimmer (Granite/Concrete)

EM0020 Complete Wide Mouth Wall Skimmer 2174

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Product details of EM0020 Complete Wide Mouth Wall Skimmer (Gunite/Concrete)

  • Features :Suitable for 1.5" and 2" PipingKnockout Overflow / fill portDurable, corrosion-proof unibody constructionLarge debris collection basketSnap-in and removable weirOptional stackable extension collar allows infinite vertical heightOptional Stackable extension throat allows infinite horizontal length34.9cm x 41.2cm x 35.5cm

We apply the best materials and rigorous quality control standard on the wide variety of durable & corrosion-proof swimming pool fittings (pvc fittings and goods) that provide years of long lasting performance. Skimmers box systems are made of sturdy white ABS, the skimmer plays an important role in water filtration system for the function of water suction and debris retention. They include a large-capacity leaf strainer which would be accessed easily, suitable for your concrete swimming pool in Thailand. Not only available with standard skimmer. Emaux skimmer box is now is also available Wide Mouth Skimmer and Skimmer with Extension.

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