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Atmor Lotus 5.5kW Multipoint Instant heater 2588 Best seller

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Low Pressure Activation

Magnetic flow switch activates even at lower flow and pressure

Durable Heating Element

Copper heating element that can be cleaned or replaced independent of the small canister

Easy Maintainability 

Small canister can be safely opened and cleaned when there are hard water problems

Designed for Safety

  • Primary automatic reset thermostat triggers to protect against scalding and resets automatically for convenience
  • Secondary high limit safety cut-off thermostat triggers when primary thermostat fails to respond in time
  • Splash-proof design
  • Built-in pressure relief valve protects the heater from exploding if house water pressure becomes too high
  • Recommended operating pressure: up to 60 psi


  • 5.5 kW Capacity
  • Low / Medium / High power settings
  • Requires 30A circuit breaker provision dedicated to the water heater
  • Length: 110 cm
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Width: 300 cm
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